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Video taping of a Funeral Service

D.D.M. Video Productions is the leader in producing discrete professional funeral videos. Because of our professionalism, we can design funeral coverage to suit your needs.

Why coverage of a Funeral

  • The funeral is a celebration of life of the deceased and this is part of their history.
  • Family members or close friends may not be able to attend the service because of illness or travel.
  • Children or grand children may be too young to remember the event.
  • The church is too small for the size of the funeral therefore a simulcast is required for the overflow.
  • The video becomes a very important part of the healing process when the time is right to watch it.


"My daughter's funeral was like a blur to me. The video has given me the opportunity to sit back & remember the beautiful music, the prayers and the special eulogy that had such an impact on everyone there that day. The video has been a healing tool for me. Something I will always cherish."

Simonne McNorton
"In my mom's case, some of her sisters could not attend because of poor health and living out of town. The video provided immediate closure and aided in the grieving process. In reviewing the video, we now catch all the small details of the readings and what was said about her life and the kind of person she was. This video is now part of our family history. "

Eugene Hirt

Coverage Costs

  • Full coverage (Funeral home, church ,cemetery & 2 copies) - $675.00
  • Funeral Service taped discreetly from church balconies or Funeral Home chapel - $400.00
  • Evening wake/prayer service taped discreetly from the back of the room - $200.00
  • Funeral Home includes room setting, all flowers and the casket - $150.00
  • Cemetery , grave site service - $125.00
  • Extra copies or European copies - $25.00
  • Monitors available for simulcast priced according to set up

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